Monday, January 5, 2009

Never Ceese

Never Ceese by Sue Dent

A spiritual fantasy of a vampire and a werewolf desiring to get into heaven, but not sure they can.

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Author Sue Dent said...

As the author I'd like to clarify that technically this isn't Christian fiction as that label refers to books published by exclusive publishers writing for an exclusive audience, affiliated publishers that don't recognize authors outside their affiliation. My books however have been approved for distribution to the Christian market but are written for general market readers and specifically those who enjoy fantasy and horror. ;)

Also the publisher of my hardback listed here went under so I had to republish my paperback (same text) through Lightning Source as a POD *gasp*

Currently working on getting another traditional press to pick it up so I can get the ease of distribution they can give me. Until then please purchase the paperback only as I make no money off the proceeds from the hardback.

But thank-you so much for listing Never Ceese, the first in my Thirsting for Blood Series.