Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Dream of the Stone

The Dream of the Stone by Christina Askounis

“Your brother is in grave danger. You must return the Stone to the Door” That’s what Sarah Lucas’s substitute Latin teacher warns her of and then vanishes into…well…thin air! Her parents have just died in a plane crash, and her brilliant brother, Sam, is all she has left. Besides her distant aunt and uncle that is, but they seem to be tracking her movements just as much as that evil-looking Dr. Zvalus, the head of the mysterious institute funding Sam’s experimental research. Sam talked about opening doorways to other planets, but what does the “prize paperweight” he sent her have to do with anything? Even if “…hidden in its depths, among veils of clouds, glimmered a universe of tiny silver stars”? Her only friend is Angel, a half-gypsy boy, who makes her heart race, even as they race into a thousand futures on the Path of Light looking for the door that will save herself, her brother, and the universe “from doom.” Not much to ask of a fifteen-year-old who just wants her parents back, right? If you like mystery, fantasy, romance, and science all rolled up into one, then you will love this book and won’t be able to put it down! Trust me, I know.

--Sara, guest reviewer

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