Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The Black Sheep

The Dream of the Stone by Christina Askounis

Kendra Bishop, only child and Manhattan shopper extraordinaire, answers the door in her Tommy Hilfiger p.j.s to discover a camera crew filming her dumb-founded expression. Uh-oh. That letter she angrily sent off when her parents fired Rosa, her nanny i.e. parent stand-in, to the new television series, Black Sheep, has come back to bite her in the…p.j.s. Suddenly, the producer is rattling off everything she “shared” about her parents in painful detail–workaholic, worrywart bankers that have no friends and who never argue, who go on family vacations…without her, who print out a schedule every day that’s broken down in half-hour slots, and who keeps a binder of strict rules for Kendra to follow that they update constantly. This was all part of their “Manhattan Banker Duplication Program,” and Kendra is sick of the whole thing. But while it was a great idea to trade places with another fifteen-year-old and experience “normal” life, rule-following Kendra doesn’t know what to make of the Monterey, California hippie family with six children and a ferret. So what if “big brother” Mitch is a total hottie; the whole family is obsessed with saving the sea otter. Still, Kendra finds herself growing attached to the cute otters and when a golf resort threatens the otters she loves, she finds herself fighting for their survival and throwing out her parents’ rule book once and for all. Black sheep rule #1, “A Black Sheep stands her ground” …even if that means being totally humiliated on national television. If you love reality TV and wonder what really goes down, you will love this book! Not to mention, there are some great jellyfish make-out scenes (it’s much hotter than it sounds)!

--Sara, guest reviewer

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