Thursday, July 31, 2008

The End of Twilight

In two short days fans all over will know exactly how the Twilight series ends. You can still place a hold on Breaking Dawn. Place it as soon as you can!

But until it is 12:01, here are some thing you can read to pass the time (including a pretty big spoiler from Stephenie Meyer herself!):

Stephenie Meyer website

The spoiler

A review of the series.

Follow Twilight Guy as he reads the series.

Be sure to check back after you have finished the series, there may be some discussion groups this fall at one of your libraries!


Anonymous said...

Today is the day!!!! I can't wait!!

love_twilight_series said...

It's not the end there's another one coming out that called Midnight Sun

Potty Racers said...

Yeah that is true emily

Potty Racers said...

No way yeah you do have to say