Thursday, July 24, 2008

Have an Opinion?

Read a book you want to tell everyone about or warm then not to read? What about a move? CD? TV Show?

Head over to the reviews page and tell us what you think of the last book you read, movie you saw, song you listened to and so on. While you are at it, check out the work of Erika S.

Some librarians will give you some volunteer hours in exchange for a review, just ask them.


Anonymous said...

No way!?!? Volunteer hours for reviews. That is so cool. but how and where can we do that?

Faythe said...

Alucard -
Ask the librarian at the branch you go to the most. We'll verify that you have submitted them.

Anonymous said...

by the way. I was using Alucard just as a screen name. it's not my real name. I'm so sorry...would that be an issue?

Faythe said...

Not at all. We figured as much!