Thursday, August 14, 2008

Free Online Photo Sites

Need to crop a pic? Add an animated pic to your myspace? Check out these fun and free online photo editing sites, accessible wherever Internet is.

Cartoonize yourself or create an uvatar (a less boring version of an avatar). Video cartoonizer is coming soon! Animator
Beyond cropping and sizing, this site allows you to put your stills into motion with reflecting water, polaroid piles, flickering flames, blinking eyes, blurring and other effects. Myspace friendly.

Image Chef
Put your photo on a wanted poster, a jumbo tron, on a billboard and so much more.

Big Huge Labs
Put your face on the cover of a magazine or CD, create a photo puzzle, or add bubble captions to your pics.
As close as you'll get to Photoshop except it's free and way easier to use. Flauntr integrates with most social networking sites like myspace, Facebook and Flickr so you can add your pics with one click.

Heard of some better sites? Share your favorites in the comments!

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