Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Your Two Cents: Breaking Dawn

Of course there's lots of buzz going around about the newly released Breaking Dawn--but what did you think? Love it? Hate it? Refuse to read it? Like the ending? Have your say by posting a comment here. (Caution: comments and links may contain spoilers.)

  • Right now, 684 Readers on Amazon give it 5 stars; 480 give it 1 star.
  • Publisher's Weekly says "This [book] isn’t about happy endings; it’s about gratification."
  • Natasha (Maw Books Blog) thinks it was okay, but says, "I do think that the characters lost their voice and personality."


Anonymous said...

I love love loved every single page! The book was a lot different from the others, like the way Jacob got to have a voice, but Stephenie Meyer pulled it off! People who hated it are crazy!

Anonymous said...

This book was amazing!! I loved it and couldn't stop reading it. I might have read it like four times already! Really great!