Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Participate in Democracy & Earn Some Cash

According to the California Secretary of State you can register to vote as long as you will be 18 years old in time for the next election. Also, you must submit your voter registration form before October 20 in order to eligible to vote on November 4. That means that as long as your 18th Birthday is before November 4 you can go ahead and complete the voter registration form now! You can pick one up at your local library or print it out on your own. Either way, all it takes is a few minutes and a 42 cent stamp to become a registered voter.

And even if you aren't old enough to vote this November, as long as you'll be 16 years old by election day you can still particpate as a student precinct officer. This is a fun way to earn some money ($150 to be exact) and it will look great on college applictions too. Watch the video found here (link goes to The kNow website) for full details and then call the Fresno County Elections Department at 488-1620 to express interest in the Student Precinct Officer Program


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