Monday, November 10, 2008

What's on tap at the library?

CPR- Thursday, 11/13/08 at 1:00 at Auberry. Sponsored by American Ambulance, this is a free "CPR for Family and Friends" course. This is not a certification course but you gain lifesaving skills. Space is limited, call branch for full details.

The Writers Bloc - Thursday, 11/13/08 at 4:00 at Clovis. A “bloc” is a group of people with a shared interest, goal, or purpose. Our purpose? To write for fun & enjoyment, to stimulate our creativity, to write for each other & to write for ourselves. Call the branch to reserve a spot.

Woodward Park Teen Council Meeting - Thursday, 11/13/08 at 6:00 at Woodward. Earn volunteer hours, meet new people, & help develop events for teens while having loads of fun. Munchies provided at each meeting. Pick up an application today & check out or call the library for more info.

Origami Art- Friday, 11/14/08 at 3:30 at Fowler. Learn about the ancient art of origami. Registration is required, call or stop by branch to sign up.

Trading Card Games- Saturday, 11/15/08 at 10:00 at Clovis. The Clovis TCC (Trading Card Club) meets every other Sat to battle it out in Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh, Naruto, & Chaotic. Bring your cards & join the fun!

Get your Game On! - Saturday, 11/15/08 at Caruthers. Weekly Magic the Gathering card games. Decks available for checkout from the Caruthers Branch. Also, for added fun board games such as Risk are available for play. There will also be online games such as Runescape for play. All are welcome, but mostly teens attend. Please don't be late as the branch officially closes at 2:00 pm, but we run our games in the meeting room and computer lab after hours.

Drop-In After-School Board Games- an ongoing program at Clovis on Wednesdays at 2:30 - 5. Sorry, Othello, Dominoes, Chess, Battleship & more.

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