Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Twilight & Twitter

Sure--you've read or seen Twilight, but did you tweet your review of it?

Not sure what a tweet is? It's a post on the microblogging site Twitter. On Twitter, you tell your friends what you are doing or thinking in 140 characters or less. You can say stuff like "Going to the movies with Faythe" or "fighting with my mom". Just short, quick sentences that update your friends on your life. Those updates are sent to wherever your friends want to receive them: the Twitter website, their cell phones, their IM, etc. It's a very handy way to communicate to lots of people quickly.

If you haven't guessed it already, I'm a huge Twitter fan. After I went to see Twilight, I tweeted my impression of the movie (remember, I only had 140 characters!). Here it is:

Jasper was creepy. Landscapes made me homesick. Liked film Edward better.

Here's what some of my Twitter friends (called Tweeps) had to say about the books/movies:

Lisa: Twilight=I hated Edward. New Moon=I joined Camp Jacob. Eclipse=skipped the drama. Breaking Dawn=um yuck, but fun.

Faythe: Didn't care for books 2-4. Loved EC throughout, didn't like Bella. Think I'll be a bigger fan of the movies than I was of the books.

Brian: pale & creepy hasn't been this sexy since Edward Scissorhands, but new-age sensitive vampires make me mildly ill.

Then I did a quick search on Twitter and found even more people talking about it. Here are a few examples:
I have Twilight withdrawal.
Twilight is not good. Stop trying to convince us otherwise.
Went to bed at 3 last night cuz I could not stop reading Twilight.

Surprising number of dudes at this screening of Twilight.

Good stuff, but Twitter is not just about Twilight; it's just a fun & easy way to communicate with friends. Sign up, and be sure to follow Read.Watch.Listen. on Twitter --we're there too!

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