Saturday, January 17, 2009


You guys rock! You sent in 44 reviews in less than a month! Fig Garden's TAG group marks their first appearance in the reviews with 1, Clovis had 11 and the Woodward Park teens had 27!! We are so thrilled! Keep 'em coming! Once again I am going to list them so everyone gets recognition.

Woodward Park Teens:
Sandor S. had 17
Kait had 5 (including my favorite review ever for Twilight)
Tina R. had 3

Clovis Teens:
GothicLolitaMaiden had 7
ha110w33nm4n had 2
Missy had 2

Fig Garden Teens:
Annabelle L.

And some from people who didn't claim a librarian:
twilightfan101 had 2
Angel S. had 1
Ashley J. had 1
Emma had 1

As always, do you agree with them? Think they are off base? Let them know! Or send in your own review.

If you review a book that is not in our catalog, send us a suggestion and we'll do our best.

Remember, some librarians will give you some volunteer hours in exchange for a review, you just gotta ask 'em!

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