Monday, March 2, 2009

What's on Tap at the Library?

Movie Mondays on Monday, 3/2/09 at 3:30 at Sanger.
Monday Movie on Monday, 3/2/09 at 4:00 at Cedar Clinton.
Sunnyside Teen Council on Tuesday, 3/3/09 at 5:00 at Sunnyside.
Horror Book Club on Wednesday, 3/4/09 at 3:30 at Fowler.
Book Discussion - Adventures of Tom Sawyer on Wednesday, 3/4/09 at 4:30 at Orange Cove.
Pinedale Teen Council on Thursday, 3/5/09 at 3:30 at Pinedale.
Your Secret Self Box on Thursday, 3/5/09 at 4:00 at Gillis.
Teen Flicks on Friday, 3/6/09 at 3:30 at Fowler.
Volunteer Orientation on Saturday, 3/7/09 at 9:00 at Fig Garden.
Trading Card Games on Saturday, 3/7/09 at 10:00 at Clovis.
Saturday Movie Matinee on Saturday, 3/7/09 at 1:30 at Fig Garden.
Discipline of a Warrior: How Jimmy Dexter became a Professional Mixed on Saturday, 3/7/09 at 2:00 at Fowler.
Get your Game On! on Saturday, 3/7/09 at 2:00 at Caruthers.
Manga Book Discussion Group on Saturday, 3/7/09 at 3:30 at Clovis.

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