Wednesday, April 8, 2009


You guys rock! You sent in 32 reviews in about a months time! We are so thrilled! Keep 'em coming!

Woodward Park Teens:
Lynna had 11
Tracy L. had 4
Tina R. had 3
Matt G. had 2
Henry L. had 1
Paige G. had 1
Sandor S. had 1

Clovis Teens:
GothicLolitaMaiden had 1
Cindy had 1
ha110w33nm4n had 1

And some from people who didn't claim a librarian:
Lizzie had 3
Chris A. had 1
Jessi had 1
Madison had 1

As always, do you agree with them? Think they are off base? Let them know! Or send in your own review.

If you review a book that is not in our catalog, send us a suggestion and we'll do our best.

Remember, some librarians will give you some volunteer hours in exchange for a review, you just gotta ask 'em!

1 comment:

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