Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Something, Maybe

Something, Maybe by Elizabeth Scott

Hannah's dad is not your typical dad by any means. He's in his seventies but he's the star a reality tv show about his escapades with scantily clad women way less than half his age. These scantily clad women live in his castle with him and at one point back in the day, Hannah's mom was one of these women. Now Hannah's mom has a huge web presence where she does live chats (scantily clad of course) to pay the bills.

With both of her parents' livelihood involving "adult content' in some form or fashion Hannah simply wants to blend in with the rest of her classmates and go unnoticed by the rest of the world. Except she does want Josh to notice her. Josh is the uber sensitive, super cute, all around guy-you-want-t0-get-to-know who she works with. When Hannah's father resurfaces after five years and wants her to come for a visit, she decides to go to NYC for the weekend but only after he agrees that there will be no camera crew in the background.

Her dad is in fact a liar -- he's way more interested in television ratings than anything else. The moment where Hannah realizes she's been betrayed is caught on film. By the time the show in which she expoldes on camera airs, Hannah's got Josh's attention, along with the attention of anyone else who has a tv. And the attention of anyone who watches YouTube. Can she really connect with her soul mate amidst all this scandal?

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