Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Teen Poetry Contest

It's now officially April, which means it's National Poetry Month, which means what? Yep, it's the return of our annual poetry contest for teens. We already know that you guys are creative (just check out Express Yourself) but now it's time to actually get paid for it. Or, win a Barnes & Noble gift card, to be more specific.

For more info, rules, and to submit your poetic masterpiece, head over to our poetry page (or just click the nice blue & white banner at the top of this page--that'll be here all month).

Oh, and don't forget to vote on a new name for this year's poetry book. We've compiled your suggestions and they are right under the rules--please vote!


Lynna said...

Alright, well I entered a poem I wrote and it just didn't go through or something... can you check on it and check back with me or tell me if there's anything wrong? Thanks!

Lynna said...

ok saw it, thanks :)