Thursday, May 21, 2009

Crazy Twilight Fans!


gothiclolitamaiden said...

Whoever made that video is a genius. Those fangirls are just like the rabid Twilight fans at my school: they have trouble distinquishing between Twilight and reality. This is absolutely hilarious, and sadly, slightly true. -_-

Christina said...

Lol, so funny! And I voted for him just a little while ago! :)

Lynna said...

LOL... wow.

"Look, I'm just an actor..."
"That sounds like something James would say."

Haha... despite the fact that I believe he shouldn't hit girls, this was a slight exception, since I laughed anyway, because it's true - some people need to get to their senses.

Oh, and he's cute. Probably better than Edward, imo. (: