Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mixed Tape Club

I loved Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, but Nick's not the only one making great playlists. Nope. People have been making mixed tapes, or CDs, or iTunes playlists all along. In fact, you've probably made your own awesome mixes. The only thing more fun than making a mix is sharing it with friends, and listening to the ones they've made.

Enter my friend Brian. A few months ago he proposed to a group of us that we start a Mixed Tape Club (we are old and therefore grew up making mixed tapes; the name is an homage to that but in fact we use current technology). Each person made a mix, burned it to CDs, and distributed one to each person in the group. In the end each person had everyone else's mix, and an introduction to their musical tastes. Some of the artists on these mixes (and yes, you can check them out for FREE at your library--just click the link to reserve) include:

Amadou & Mariam
The Bird and the Bee
The Black Keys
Brandi Carlile
Neko Case
Cat Power
Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins

Josh Ritter
The Weepies

Check these artists out. If you like, you can thank the Librarians' Mixed Tape Club. If you don't...make your own. And give copies to your friends! And send a copy to me! Seriously though, what artists would you put on a mix? Who's your fave? Let us know. You might just see it appear on one of our next MTC mixes.

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