Thursday, July 2, 2009


Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia

One day -- seven classes with one lunch period in between. How can so much can go down in such a short amount of time?

The day starts with Trina accidentally bumping into Dominique and when Trina doesn't apologize, Dominique gets mad. Really mad. In the background, Leticia witnesses Dominique make a plan to jump Trina after school for the slight offense. At first Leticia thinks it's hilarious because Trina is the type of girl it's almost too easy to hate but when she rings her best friend to give her the inside scoop, Bea thinks Leticia should warn Trina instead of just spreading the word about what's about to go down.

With each class period passing, Trina's pretty face and happy swagger is getting closer and closer to being seriously messed up because nothing about Dominique's day has gone right. Dominique has been kicked off of the basketball team for bad grades (her coach won't even consider making an expectation) and the teacher who failed her won't even open the door to let her plead her case. Dominique plans to take everything out on Trina as soon as the last bell rings and nobody can stop her.

Is warning Trina all it would take for Leticia to stop what's about to explode? Or would it be more fun to just watch the explosion?

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