Thursday, June 18, 2009


I got just over 30 reviews in the last month. Great job!

Woodward Park Teens:
Lynna had 7
Aya had 2
Cady had 1
Kenny C. had 1
Rahul had 1
Sandor had 1
Tina R. had 1
Tracy L. had 1

Fig Garden Teens:
Annabelle L. had 4
Macye had 1

Auberry Teens:
Holly Hobbie had 2
Matt L. had 1

Clovis Teens:
GothicLolitaMaiden had 2
Jenna had 1

And some from people who didn't claim a librarian:
Lizzie had 2
Kristin S. had 2
Elizabeth had 1

For those of you not claiming a librarian or have a library you go to, you can still get volunteer hours for your reviews (1 review=1 hour). You can put my name (Faythe) or You, in the "tell us their name" section, since all the reviews come to me as it is. This will be helpful, since this year you can submit reviews for the books you read for the summer reading program.

As always, do you agree with them? Think they are off base? Let them know! Or send in your own review.

If you review a book that is not in our catalog, send us a suggestion and we'll do our best.

Remember, some librarians will give you some volunteer hours in exchange for a review, you just gotta ask 'em!

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