Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Breathless by Lurlene McDaniel

Everything about Travis's life indicates he'll grow-up to have the perfect life. His parents are great. His kid sister looks up to him and is almost more a friend than sibling. He's got a wonderful best friend who'd do anything for him. His girlfriend loves him with all her heart. He has a strong sense of faith and he's in the top of his game with competitive diving. Then the accident happens.

Cliff diving didn't cause Travis to get bone cancer but nonetheless from that moment forward everything in Travis's bright future disappears and even though on the surface he's still got what should matter (his family is doing everything they can to help him get well, his best friend and girlfriend are still by his side) Travis can't avoid getting seriously depressed about his new reality. The constant medicine, awful surgery and continued lack of strength all make him feel more and more hopeless. He sees a way out but it goes against everything he's learned in church about what's right and wrong. Is giving up as simple as letting everyone else believe what they want?

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