Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dead Girl Walking

Dead Girl Walking by Linda Joy Singleton

Amber can best be described as directionally-challenged. You all probably have a friend like this -- the person who is always ending up turned around and needing to ask for directions and then once they get the directions they'll head off in the opposite direction they need to go. Eventually they end up utterly and entirely lost. Or maybe I just described you! If so, this story should serve as a cautionary tale.

Poor, poor, Amber. She meets what she thinks is an unfortunate end to her life when a mail truck (which by the way, was delivering her scholarship notification) plows into her. She is between this world and the next when she meets up with her deceased grandmother who lets her know that it's actually not her time to die after all. After a quick visit her grandmother gives her very specific directions concerning how to get back to her body. But of course Amber mixes everything up and instead of left at the Milky Way she goes right. Somehow, she still makes it back to earth.

However, she quickly learns that while she has indeed arrived back on earth, she hasn't made it back to her body. Instead, she now inhabits the body of the beautiful, rich, and beyond-belief-popular Leah Montgomery. After the initial shock of having long & skinny legs, flawless skin and loads of money has worn off (all very new to regular-girl Amber), she realizes she has got herself into quite a tricky situation. For starters, Leah was attempting suicide and so now her parents have her on house arrest so they can watch her every move. Except Leah isn't Leah, she's Amber who looks like Leah so it's really Amber who is on house arrest. Nonetheless, until Amber can figure out what's going on she has to act as though she is Leah (in order to avoid being deemed crazy) but Amber has no idea how to believably behave as a bratty, depressed, rich girl and she doesn't really want to either. She just wants her own non-glamorous life back. But first Amber must figure out how to undo the mess her one wrong turn has caused.

I won't tell you if she makes it back to her own body, but I can tell you that this is a fun, new series with many more mishaps to come. Read this series from the beginning:
  1. Dead Girl Walking
  2. Dead Girl in Love
  3. Dead Girl Dancing

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