Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Featured Artist: Cindy

Name: Cindy
Age: 14
Medium(s): Photography

Read Watch Listen [RWL]: What was your inspiration behind the photo "Different Roads"?
Cindy: I have this habit of taking random pictures and keeping the ones that still have the same "feeling" as when I took them. I was on a charter bus back from a trip at Pismo Beach and was recording my friends when I looked out the window. There was fog settling on the road and I just thought it looked so... different. So I immediately stopped my recording, switched the camera to the 'auto' option and snapped a quick shot. When I got home, I messed around with it until it looked similar to this image I had created in my head. I wanted it to be more different than it already was. [Sadly, I lost the original.]

Define the word "beauty."
Cindy: Hm. Beauty is something appealing. It doesn't have to be a physical object. It just has to be something you want to remember but still love when it fades.

Are you taking any classes on photography?
Cindy: Actually, no. I would like to but my electives are a little full right now. I may just give up debate for photography though. We'll see.

RWL: What photo editing software do you like to use?
Cindy: I'm a pretty big fan of Photoshop. The edition I own is quickly becoming old but I don't believe I'll be needing an update any time soon.

RWL: What's your advice for budding photographers?
Cindy: I truly believe art has the potential to be more than just "art". For that to happen, the artist has to believe that in that concept too. Have a reason for taking a picture even if its just "I thought it looked cool." Plus, sometimes our most spontaneous pictures may be our best so don't always try too hard.

From the portfolio:

Different Roads.

Free.Dying Roses.
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