Thursday, July 30, 2009

Secret Keeper

by Mitali Perkins

It is 1974 and India is in the midst of harsh economic times and political unrest. 16-year-old Asha, her sister and mother are forced to leave their comfortable lives in Dehli when her father loses his engineering job. While he searches for employment in New York, the three woman move in with his brother's family in Calcutta. As tension runs high in the crowded household, Asha's dreams of higher education and freedom clash with family obligations. Secret Keeper is very much grounded in the time and setting of the book, but it also resonates with themes that cross time and cultures. The transition into adulthood is fraught with self-discovery, loss, sacrifice and the discovery of first love. No matter where or when a person lives, life is about the choices one makes, and learning to live with their consequences.

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Unknown said...

Seems like a good, book cant wait to read it!