Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Summer I Turned Pretty

The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

Ah, summer. A time when anything is possible. You can completely reinvent yourself, or fall in love, or start over. Growing up, I never had that monumental summer that drastically changed my life--but I always wished for it. There's something romantic about the notion, and The Summer I Turned Pretty does not disappoint.

Every year since she can remember, Belly and her family have spent their summers at the beach. Each year Belly follows around the boys -- her older brother, plus Conrad and Jeremiah--the sons of her mom's best friend. She loves her summers at the beach and loves her time with the boys, even if they do leave her out more often than not. But when Belly arrives at the beach house the summer she's 15, everything has changed. Suddenly the boys pay her more attention, and invite her along to late-night parties. Both Conrad and Jeremiah seem to have fallen for Belly. She's always adored them both, each for different reasons. Which will she choose?

This book is so well written, so heartbreakingly good, that you just don't want it to end. Kind of like summer.

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Anonymous said...

This book was great! I started and finished it in one day. I am a teen and I can totally relate to this book! This book is really intense. It brought back many memories I have had from past summers. This book will probably make you cry and feel sympathy. It left me wanting more and made me want a summer like Belly's with three hot guys, two of which live in the same house as her, at the ocean. I definitely recommend this book to any girl who craves romance novels!