Monday, July 13, 2009

What's on Tap?

Summer Reading Program is in full swing! Check out what is going on at your libraries this week:

Monday, July 13:
Cooking Challenge @ Politi, 12-1pm
XBox 360 Gaming @ Cedar Clinton, 1-2pm
Art for Beginners @ Big Creek, 3-4pm
iPaint @ Woodward Park, 3-4pm
Taste of Japan @ San Joaquin, 4-5pm
Musical Nights--Acoustic Highway @ Sanger, 7-8pm

Tuesday, July 14:
Taste of Japan @ Fig Garden, 1-2pm
Art for Beginners @ Mosqueda, 2-3pm
Dance Moves @ Sanger, 2:30-3:30pm
Dream Catchers @ Caruthers, 3-4pm
Wii Gaming @ Sunnyside, 3-4pm
Dream Catchers @ Parlier, 4-5pm

Wednesday, July 15:
Pinwheel Fun @ San Joaquin, all day (while supplies last)
Art for Beginning @ Clovis, 2:30-3:30pm
PS3 Gaming @ Central, 3-4pm
Summer Move - Yes Man @ Fig Garden, 3-5pm
Edible Beach @ Bear Mountain, 4-5pm
Poetry Workshop @ Ivy, 4-5pm
Express Yourself @ Mendota, 5-6pm
Didgeridoo Design @ Auberry, 6:30-7:30pm

Thursday, July 16:
Art for Beginners @ Reedley, 1-2pm
Hooks and Needles @ Auberry, 1-3pm
Express Yourself @ Fowler, 2-3pm
Photography, Parts 1&2 @ Kingsburg, 3-5pm
Dream Catchers @ Orange Cove, 4-5pm
Express Yourself @ Gillis, 4-5pm
Wii Rockband @ Fowler, 4-5pm

Friday, July 17:
Express Yourself @ Selma, 2-3pm

Saturday, July 18:
Clovis Teen Book Club @ Clovis, 2-3pm
Tie-Dye Fashion @ Pinedale, 2-3pm
Cooking Challenge @ Laton, 3-4pm
Go! @ Politi, 3-5pm

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