Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Year in Reviews

One year ago today, we got our first review. Since then, we have received 387! Thank you for making our review page so amazing! Instead of the regular review post highlighting the newest ones, we are going to do the top 10 reviews for the past year.
  1. gothiclolitamaiden from Clovis with 44
  2. Lynna from Woodward Park with 38
  3. Tina R. from Woodward Park with 30
  4. Sandor S. from Woodward Park with 22
  5. ha110w33nm4n from Clovis with 21
  6. Matt G. from Woodward Park with 20
  7. Cindy from Clovis with 18
  8. Lizzie from Central with 18
  9. Missy from Clovis with 18
  10. Annabelle L. from Fig Garden
Of the 387 reviews, 333 came from the following libraries:
Thanks again for a great year and keep those reviews coming!

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gothiclolitamaiden said...

No, I thank the people who run for giving me a place to rant at length about books I love, or to rant and vent at length about books that vex me. has given me a new hobby, and a place where being mean and overly critical (of books) is acceptable. Thanks!