Thursday, September 17, 2009

Second Skin

Second Skin by Jessica Wollman

Samantha Klein is ecstatic when Kylie Frank, the most popular girl at school, moves in next door to her. She’s confident that this close proximity will somehow lead to an “in” with the high school elite which Kylie rules. Alas, the secret to popularity isn’t close proximity at all but as it turns out, Samantha does in fact discover that there is a major secret involved in the popularity game. The secret to being the most popular girl at school is actually something that can be stolen.

Samantha steals “popularity” from Kylie and in no time she becomes the school’s “it” girl. Now she’s getting so many texts and voicemail messages that she can’t keep up. Her longtime crush Tanner, who didn’t even know she existed before, starts flirting with her. The cheerleaders are wearing their hair just like hers. Is it really that easy? Indeed, Samantha discovers that becoming the most popular girl in school isn’t all that difficult but remaining a good person at the same time is near impossible.

A fun, quick read that will make you appreciate your current social status no matter how low it is. If you read this book, be sure to complete this form.

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Zabcia said...

I actually didn't like this book, because it moved slowly and was kind of obvious. In fact half-way through, I just skipped to the ending, because all she did was give too many details. It would be alright for people who dream of being popular, I suppose, but if you don't this book isn't realy worth it.