Thursday, October 1, 2009


Keep an eye out for an announcement about a special week of rewards when you submit reviews.

Central Teens:
Lizzie had 1

Clovis Teens:
GothicLolitaMaiden had 3

Fig Garden Teens:
Annabelle L. had 1

Woodward Park Teens:
awesomeVia had 12
Lynna had 7
Meena had 5
JC had 3
Kaleigh had 3
Yaz had 2
Lena had 1
Matt G. had 1
Tracy L. had 1

Kyle, Rawr and smo all had 1

For those of you not claiming a librarian or a library you go to, you can still get volunteer hours for your reviews (1 review=1 hour). You can put my name (Faythe) or You, in the "What library do you go to?" section, since all the reviews come to me as it is.

As always, do you agree with them? Think they are off base? Let them know! Or send in your own review.

If you review a book that is not in our catalog, send us a suggestion and we'll do our best.

Remember, some librarians will give you some volunteer hours in exchange for a review, you just gotta ask 'em!

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