Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hex Hall series

Hex Hall (series) by Rachel Hawkins

Ever since Sophie Mercer found out she was a witch, she has been given a lot of chances to prove that she can be responsible with her powers. She has failed every time. Her last failed attempt (a love spell at prom) has landed her at Hecate Hall, or Hex Hall. It's an isolated reform school for "troubled" Prodigium - witches, faeries, shapeshifters and a lone vampire.

After her first week and a half at the school, Sophie became legendary and not in a good way. She's made enemies of the a powerful witch clique, developed a crush on a warlock she thought she hated, became friends with the most hated person at the school, is being followed by a ghost, and got detention for the entire semester. Then things start to get creepy when a student is attacked in the school and her only friend seems to be the only suspect. And if all that wasn't enough, Sophie learns the truth about who her father really is and what secrets he has been keeping from her.

I liked Hex Hall. It was a fun read and kept me interested. I might have liked it more, had I not read a similar book and concept just before I read this (The Candidates, out in August). It's unfair to compare the two since they are alike and so different. I will definitely picking up the sequel when it comes out next year since the first volume ended in a cliff hanger.

Catch this series from the beginning:
  1. Hex Hall
  2. Demonglass

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