Saturday, April 17, 2010

I So Don't Do Spooky

I So Don't Do Spooky by Barrie Summy
Sherry is one ubercool seventh grader. She's in a long-term relationship with her boyfriend (a whole two months!), her fashion sense is fantastic, and her best friend if finally showing an interest in wearing make-up.

Okay, there's a few glitches to this perfection. Sherry's mother, a cop killed in the line of duty, is struggling to pass her exams at the Academy of Spirits and her step-mother is being stalked. Yep, it's up to Sherry to solve the stalker case and help her mother become a guardian ghost, even if it means going undercover in the Robotics club. Ake. Eeek . Ike!

This fun and fluffy book is full of humor and wonderful characters. A great read for younger teens who just want to sit back and enjoy a good book.

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Zabi said...

cute book.
i liked it.