Friday, May 21, 2010

Free Fridays: Freak Magnet

Every Friday we will review a new book--sometimes ones that haven't even been published yet--and give an advanced copy of the book away. To get the book, it's simple: just be the first to comment on the review and be sure to tell us which library you'd like to pick up your new book at. We'll take care of the rest!

Freak Magnet by Andrew Auseon

Charlie is what people consider a freak. Gloria seems to attract freaks. When they meet, Charlie tries to talk to her, but Gloria blows him off. The second time they meet, Charlie tells Gloria something that makes her think of him more than she wants. By the time they meet up a third time, things start to change.

Each chapter alternates between “Freak” and “Magnet.” I wasn’t too sure what to make of the book at the beginning, but a few chapters in, and I was hooked. I read it in one sitting and couldn’t wait to see how this book evolved. It’s a quirky, funny, sweet and heartbreaking story all at once. By the time I had finished it, I had teared up a few times.

Get Freak Magnet for free--just be the first to leave a comment! Don't forget to tell us which Fresno County library you want to pick it up at.


Unknown said...

this sounds like a really good book

Unknown said... like 2 pick it up at Woodward park library plz

Connie said...

Hi Esther,
I'm sending the book to Woodward this morning.

Have fun reading!

Lizette said...

Sounds like a good book