Saturday, June 12, 2010

At First Sight

At First Sight by Catherine Hapka

Lauren is a junior in high school and unlike her flirtatious best friend, Britt, definitely does NOT believe in "love at first sight." That is until she meets Riley at the planetarium – she doesn’t know his name yet but he’s the most gorgeous guy she’s ever seen and they even like the same band. Through Britt’s insistence, Lauren finally gets the courage to walk over and talk to him but, halfway there, the lights go out! In the dark, Lauren finds she has enough courage to start up a conversation with the person who could be the boy of her dreams but they only get a few minutes to themselves before they are separated without even knowing each other’s name.

Now, Riley is on Facebook and on the lookout for his "Planetarium Girl" whom he can’t stop thinking about and was even inspired to write a song for. Lauren couldn't be more excited and responds…only to find out she’s one of the couple hundred girls to do so. How will Lauren be able to compete with all of these imposters and, once she does meet Riley, how will she convince him she is the real “Planetarium Girl” when it seems he doesn’t want to see what’s right in front him.

This is a cute story and a fast read. If you want some light-hearted romance, check it out!

Guest review by Emma

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