Friday, June 25, 2010

Free Fridays: White Cat

White Cat by Holly Black

Beware if a person touches you with his or her bare hand; they may be putting a curse on you. In Holly Black's White Cat, curse workers have the ability to work curses on the people they touch barehanded. Not everyone has the touch, but those who do have very different talents: from altering emotion and changing memories to killing and (the very rare) transforming people. Because of the danger, curse work is illegal and everyone must wear gloves to keep their power in check.

Cassel Sharpe comes from a long line of curse workers and con artists. While he is not a curse worker himself, he certainly knows how to play the con game. He's grown up watching his family use their curse skills to play countless cons. Now his mom is in jail after her latest con and his two brothers are working curses for a powerful crime family. Cassel wants nothing to do with this and has escaped to a private school where he is able to forget about his family.

That all changes one night when Cassel dreams he is chasing a white cat and awakes to find he is standing on the roof of his dorm. Suspended from school until he can prove he is not a danger, Cassel is forced to move back home with his family. He continues to have strange dreams about a white cat that seem to be tied to an incident in his past in which he killed his best friend. Beginning to question what he knows and who he should trust, Cassel is plunged into the twisted world he has tried to avoid. To his horror he finds that his family has been conning him and he isn’t who he thought he was. Now it is time for payback.

The first in a new series, White Cat, grabbed my attention from the beginning and kept me riveted right to the end. I’ve never been a big fan of Holly Black, but I was intrigued by the plot of her newest book. The writing was great and the story was interesting. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book in The Curse Workers series.


Teralyn said...

Sounds cool.

I'd like to pick it up at the Parlier branch :)

Faythe said...

You got it. I'll send it out today.