Friday, June 4, 2010

Free Fridays: Party

Every Friday we will review a new book--sometimes ones that haven't even been published yet--and give an advanced copy of the book away. To get the book, it's simple: just be the first to comment on the review and be sure to tell us which library you'd like to pick up your new book at. We'll take care of the rest! 

  Party by Tom Leveen
It's Saturday night in Santa Barbara and school is out for the summer. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, is going the same party. Some are there to celebrate graduation with friends, some are there to hook-up with an ex and others are there to get so drunk they won't even remember that they were at the party at all.

With each chapter the narrator switches to a different character but each person's story is leading up to the same powerful ending. This book is a quick read with plenty of action. It's great for anyone who enjoys a book that reads like it could be happening in their own life. In fact, it could happen this weekend...

Get Party for free--just be the first to leave a comment! Don't forget to tell us which Fresno County library you want to pick it up at.


sandra said...

is this book similar to "Thirteen Reasons Why"?

Unknown said...

Has anyone wanted this book.
if not can i have this sent to
dinuba branch library

Connie said...

Hi--technically Sandra was the first to respond. Sandra, do you want it? I haven't read it but it sounds good.

Mayra, if Sandra doesn't want it I'll send it you.


Lisa said...

sorry I'm slow to respond. This book is somewhat similar to Thirteen Reasons Why in that you really get inside the head of the characters but that said, it's about totally different topic.

Now... fans of 13 Reasons Why must read After You Read This I'll Be Dead. So good and what an ending!!!!

sandra said...

can i have it sent to fig garden library please? how do i know when its ready to be picked up?

Connie said...

Sandra - I sent the book to Mayra since I didn't hear from you. But I have a couple of other ones you might like. Pick them up at the Fig Garden on Monday or anytime after.