Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gimme a Call

Gimme a Call by Sara Mlynowski

Imagine you had the ability to call your 14-year-old self. What would you tell him/her? Study more? The winning lottery numbers? Not to date your ex-boyfriend?

Seventeen year-old Devi is depressed because her boyfriend has broken up with her. Bryan was her entire world for almost all of high school. She’s lost without him. While at the mall, she listens to his voicemail one last time. She gets so mad, she wishes she could talk to her 14-year-old self and tell her to stay away from Bryan. As she does this, she drops her cell into the water fountain. By the time she fishes her phone out, she’s sure it’s dead. Once she gets it on, she discovers she can only call one number – hers, but it connects to her 14-year-old self. What follows is a funny tale of how knowledge is not always beneficial and how something are meant to be and better left alone.

This book was a fast read and I enjoyed it. There were some moments when I felt like there was TOO much change going on, but it was still fun to read. More than anything, it really got me thinking about what I would tell my younger self.

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