Friday, July 16, 2010

1 Book=2 Movies?

HP7's Deathly Hallows will be out November 17, 2010. If it were bad enough that we have to wait so long, the movie is only going to be Part 1. They are pulling the same move with Breaking Dawn, with the release of Part 1 set for almost a year after Deathly Hallows.

I'm all for dragging out the fun BUT aren't the actors already starting to look too old in both films? Maybe we are just supposed to believe that fighting evil physically ages you, even if you are a magical wizard or permanenantly eighteen year old vampire.

What do others think? Good, bad or don't care?


Anonymous said...

I think it is ok. At least we will get to see more of the action from HP7 rather than the directors cutting too much out in order to make it one movie.

gothiclolitamaiden said...

I agree with the above. I realize that it's partly an effort to capitalize on the franchise one last time, perhaps doubling profits, but it's also for artistic reasons, pleasing the fans who won't want to see anything cut out of the movie. As the director once commented, you can't cut anything out of HP7, it's not like the other books, where there were relatively unimportant sideplots that could be shortened or omitted. In all honesty, I'd rather they release one Breaking Dawn movie and get it over with, but if it's what the rabid fans want, they'll profit off it.

Delilah said...

As a Twilight Saga fan I think I would rather have 4 books, 4 movies, and while I think there is a lot to cover in the last book, I think 2 movies might stretch it out too much. but I guess we will have to wait and see