Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Girl Parts

Girl Parts by John Cusick

When spoiled rich kid David comes home to find that his parents have bought him a companion robot, he thinks he scored. But the last thing he will do is score when he discovers that Rose comes programmed with an intimacy clock. That means that in order for David to be able to touch her--hold her hand, hug her, etc., he needs to get to know and respect her.

These things take time, and while David gets to know her he actually starts to have real feelings for Rose. She may be a robot but she looks and acts just like a human. So when--months later--they work their way up to kissing and David thinks it might be his lucky night, he's slapped with the brutal reminder that Rose is indeed a robot. When she removes her clothes, he discovers that she does not in fact have "girl parts". And not only that? If he even tries to have sex with her, he'll get an electric shock.

Feeling disappointed and rejected, David kicks Rose out of his house. Now she's alone in the world. Only...she's not. There's Charlie, the misfit schoolmate of David's, that comes to Rose's rescue. And there's all the other companion robots out there....

This is a fun story that made me think about our dependence on technology, and how we rely on computers of all kinds to make real, human connections (for me, it's my iPhone--can't live without it! Or can I?).

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