Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Got Angst?

angst [æŋst (German) aŋst] n 1. an acute but nonspecific sense of anxiety or remorse

Author E. Lockhart has created a quiz entitled "What Teen Angst Novel Are You"? In her own words it is "a quiz for the heartbroken, the miserable, the hopeful, the dorky, the rebellious and the meek -- or, for anyone who wants to know what to read next." Curious? Take the quiz and post your results below.

PS Here are my results: PREP, by Curtis Sittenfeld. Thought-provoking, class-conscious, analytical, smartly observant. Sometimes irritating. Go read it. It's you.


Anonymous said...

ANGUS, THONGS AND FULL-FRONTAL SNOGGING, (and the other Georgia Nicolson books) by Louise Rennison. Hysterically funny, ridiculous, silly, and rambling.
This is what i got

Faythe said...

Here's what I got:

Sad, Funny, boozy, thought-provoking. Go read it. It's you.
Happy reading! -- E. Lockhart

Hmm, not to sure about this.

Connie said...

Faythe, I got Looking for Alaska too! One of my favorite books.