Saturday, September 25, 2010

Banned Books Week

Today is the beginning of Banned Books Week, when libraries celebrate the fact that--despite those who want to censor us--we continue to offer something for everyone. Doesn't matter what you believe (or don't believe), who you love, what kind of language you speak (or what kind of language you use!), or what kind of story you're interested in...we've got something for everyone at the public library. We call it intellectual freedom, but it basically means we don't impart our views upon you--you are plenty capable of doing that yourself! We just supply information and entertainment.

But, not everyone gets that, which is why libraries get hundreds of requests to ban books each year. Here is a list of books most frequently challenged in the last decade. Are any of your favorites there?

Throughout the next week, FCPL staff will be highlighting some of their favorite (almost) banned books. Look here for teen books and at for kid stuff. 

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