Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Get Crafty

Crafty people really make me sick, but it's probably because I'm so jealous of their talent. Since I'm not talented enough to do it myself, I buy from the super artsy (but regular folks like you and me) at It's like the world's biggest street fair.

But you might be different. You may have that crafting gene. If so, here are some great websites and books to inspire your next creation. Have fun! And, submit a pic on Express Yourself!

Crafty books

Browse all craft books (there are thousands)

Crafty websites

  • Cut Out and Keep -stuff for humans of all ages, their pets, and their stomachs (i.e. food)
  • Craftster - a little of everything.
  • Dollar Store Crafts - making stuff from other stuff you buy at the dollar store.
    Instructables - goes beyond crafts. How to make anything (well, almost anything).
  • One Pretty Thing - one pretty thing, and thousands of very cute other things.
  • Sprite Stitch - all these crafts have been inspired by video games.

1 comment:

Matt G said...

Really cool post! I wish I could sew to do all those things.