Friday, October 15, 2010

Read. Write. Reduce.

In honor of Teen Read Week we are offering a week long program to help you pay down, if not eliminate any fines you may have on your account.  All you have to do is submit a review for a book you have read.  You don't even have to like it!

Who can participate?
Teens of Fresno County

What can I review?
Books only.  It's teen READ week!

How will you keep track?
You will need to enter your library card on the review form.  (We'll change the form to include a space for your library card)

Do I need to let my local library know?
Nope!  We'll keep track of your reviews.

How much is a review worth?
One review submitted=$2 off your fines.

How long will this last?
This takes place from October 17 to 23 only!


Anonymous said...

what ages are allowed? you said teens (pretty understandable), but would it be like an age range of 13-18?just wondering. thanks.

Faythe said...

I'll take 12-19!