Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Kid Table

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of this food-obsessed holiday, I'm reviewing this book all about sitting down to eat with relatives.

The Kid Table by Andrea Seigel

Ingrid, a senior in high school, is stuck at the kid table. She and her five cousins have been permanent residents at the kid table at every single family event since they were born. It's not that they hate sitting together (they actually get along quite well), but the injustice of being forced to sit at the portable folding card table year after year has gotten older than the adults who put them there.

The beauty of this book is not so much in its plot (Ingrid falls for her cousin's boyfriend), but in its characters. Every family has the usual oddballs and this one is no exception. There's Brianne, a psychology major who diagnoses Ingrid as pyschotic; Ingrid's mom, who is so obsessed with scrapbooking that she seals in plastic a piece of french toast from a New Year's Day brunch to include in her memory book; and Micah, who does anything he can to be noticed (and that usually means walking around half naked). There are characters grappling with issues too, like the sharp-tongued and witty Cricket, who fights an eating disorder; and Dom, who is out to his cousins but not the residents of the adult table.

I loved this book. It is touching, but genuinely funny too. I liked that Ingrid is flawed - it makes her more relatable. And who can't relate to being stuck at the kid table? Highly recommended.

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