Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Radleys

Last month, we told you about the Alex Awards, recognizing adult books that may appeal to teens. Normally, none of the titles really catch my interest, but this year I actually read two of them!

I am SO over vampires but the premise of the The Radleys intrigued me because it did NOT have the whole, bumbling-teen-girl-in-love-with-a-bad-boy-vamp-with-a-soul-who-is-shiny-and-has-never-truly-loved-before. Instead, The Radleys is about a family of abstaining vampires who live in a small English village and live life as boring and normal as possible.

Clara and Rowan's parents decided not to tell them they are vampires.  As a result, they are sickly:  Clara is nauseated every morning, Rowan can't sleep and has a weird skin rash.  They know something isn't quite right with them but their parents just brush them off.  All of this changes one night when an act of violence forces the truth to come out. The bloody aftermath brings a new member of the Radley family into the picture, but instead of helping, things only get worse. Confusion, revelations, betrayal and vengeance all come in to play in the Radley family.

The Radleys was a very fun and intriguing read. The chapters are short and the set up is done really well. If you are looking for a different kind of vampire book, definitely check this out - you won't be disappointed.

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