Monday, April 18, 2011

What's on Tap?

Here is what is going on at your local libraries this week:

Monday, April 18:
Nothing Scheduled

Tuesday, April 19:
Adult & Teen Literacy Help By Appointment! @ Fowler, 10-1pm
Homework Help @ Cedar Clinton, 3:45-5:45pm
Afterschool Homework Help @ West Fresno, 4-6pm
Jazz Fresno @ The Library @ Woodward Park, 7-8:15pm

Wednesday, April 20:
Teen Kick-back @ Politi, 2-4:30pm
Bridge Academy Job Assistance @ Cedar Clinton, 3-4:30pm
Magic Scratch Butterflies @ Fowler, 3-3:45pm
Wii Game Night @ Kerman, 5:30-6:30pm

Thursday, April 21:
Connect with the Classics @ Woodward Park, 7-8pm

Friday, April 22:
Nothing Scheduled

Saturday, April 23:
Visioning for 21st Century Library Service @ Woodward Park, 10-12pm
Yu-Gi-Oh Gaming @ Sanger, 2-4pm

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