Friday, August 26, 2011

Buried Thunder

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Buried Thunder by Tim Bowler

Is Maya going mad or is there a murderer on the loose?

The eerie and bizarre incidents begin as soon as fourteen-year-old Maya's family takes over the quaint old Rowan Tree Hotel. After she discovers not one but three bodies in the forest, things only get worse. First, the police can't find the bodies. Then Maya realizes that she is being watched closely, even as she sleeps. Perhaps she's going mad and she didn't see anything in the forest after all. Certainly the police and villagers think she is either lying or going crazy. And there's another question: what was she doing alone in the woods in the first place? all she knows is that the mesmerizing eyes of a wild fox drew her there. Those eyes will find her again.

Congrats to Emily P.! Your book is on its way.

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