Friday, December 16, 2011

Kiss of Death

Every Friday we give a new book away. To get the book, it's simple: just be the first to fill out the form at the bottom of the page. (Note: you must be a Fresno County resident to be eligible for Free Fridays.)

Kiss of Death by Lauren Henderson

Scarlett thought Dan
McAndrew's murder was long behind her, but when she and her classmates
arrive in Edinburgh for a weeklong field trip, she's startled to be
joined by her old St. Tabby's cohorts--and enemies--who are visiting the
area on a field trip as well. Even more startling, Callum, Dan's
surviving twin, is in the area--and his cold treatment leaves Scarlett
wondering what's changed, especially when a series of attacks makes her
believe that someone's out to get her for her past mistakes. Would
Callum ever hurt her, though? And what's Scarlett to make of her
conflicting feelings for Callum, now that Jase isn't around? Even more
upsetting, why is her most trusted confidante, Taylor, acting distant
and dismissive?

Congrats Andrew--- Kiss of Death is on it's way!!

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