Friday, June 22, 2012

Getting a Head Start on College

First, here’s a little information on how college works. 

In a nutshell, college is about fulfilling your degree requirements so you can receive a diploma.  Granted, you will learn a great deal along the way, but you must complete the requirements.  These requirements are broken down into units or credits.  A unit refers to an amount of time spent in class.  Thus, a three-unit class will roughly equal three hours spent in class per week.  If you are taking twelve units, this is considered full-time, and equates to about twelve hours per week spent in class.

At some point, you will choose a major in your area of interest, such as English, Criminology, or Engineering.  Along with these classes, you will have to complete General Education, which consists of a lot of subjects that you study in high school.  General Education covers English, Math, Social Science, Biological Science, and so on.  You will spend a lot of time on General Education.  That is why you may want to consider some options so you can finish these requirements before you’re even in college.

To be continued…...

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but how to get ahead???