Sunday, March 10, 2013

Teen Tech Week Quiz

Teen Tech Week Quiz – Do You Need to CHECK IN @ Your Local Library?

1.    You went out on a date and paid. Now you have no money to download books to your eReader.  You should:
a.   Beg your parents to buy you some books to download.
b.   Go to the Library’s eBook Collection and check out one of the thousands of eBooks for your eReader.
c.   Look under couch cushions and scrounge up 99 cents for one of those self-published books that after reading you wish you could unread.

2. Your History teacher assigned you a lame research project that’s worth half your grade and gave you 6 weeks to work on it.  You’re so cool, you wait until the last minute to get started!  You should:
 a.   Tell your parents that you have an assignment due tomorrow and then head to the bookstore with their credit card to purchase books for your project.
 b.   Go to the Library’s Homework Center pages and use online databases to locate articles and authoritative websites to use for your research and bibliography.
 c.   Use Google-that’s right the Underground Railroad was the first railroad built underground!

3. You and your friends are killing time waiting for the bus by making a list of your top 10 favorite movies. But how are you going to get them? You should:
a.   Beg your parents to buy you the movies when you get home. 
b. Use the Library's mobile app to place holds on the movies before the bus arrives. They'll be waiting for you to pick up at the Library in no time.
c. Scrounge money up to go to the video store, then spend 1 hour trying to locate a video store (do those even exist anymore?)

4.   It’s Monday morning and your friends are bragging about the new games they played at the Library's Bookwyrm Gaming Convention. You should:
a.   Cry to your parents to take you to the RPG convention in L.A. next year.
b.   Like the Library's Facebook page or follow them on Twitter to learn about all the cool programs coming up so you don't miss them. 
c.   Scrounge up that old D&D game somewhere under your bed.  

Mostly A’s: Sounds like you need to beg your parents to take you to the local library so you can CHECK IN and get your library card!

Mostly B’s:  You are so CHECKED IN!  You know the awesomeness the library has to offer.  Keep rockin’ that library card!

Mostly C’s: Stop wasting time scrounging and CHECK IN @ your local library to get your library card.  It’s Free!

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