Thursday, March 14, 2013

TTW Tip: Make a List in the Library Catalog

Do you want to save a list of books, movies or CDs to read, watch & listen to later? Use My List in the Library’s catalog.
  • Before you start a list, log in to your account with your library card and PIN# (if you don’t, the list won’t be saved for later.) 
  • Find the item then click the Add to My List button. Repeat until you’re done. 
  • To review the list, click My List in the upper right hand corner of the screen. 
  • Your main My List can hold 100 items. Use New List to create up to 15 sublists. 
  • Use Other Lists to move from one list to another. 
  • Use Manage Lists to rename or delete lists. 
  • Use Remove to delete items from My List. 
  • You can request items directly from My List. 
  • Email the list to yourself every now and then, just in case there’s a glitch and it freezes up. It’s been known to happen to some people.

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