Friday, November 15, 2013

The Year of Luminous Love

The Year of Luminous Love by Lurlene McDaniel

Three best friends face the challenges of life after high school.

Ciana loves her family's land and the farm they've kept for generations, but it has fallen to her to keep the farm in working order. When she meets a handsome cowboy, she welcomes the diversion and finds herself believing in love at first sight. but their second meeting leaves her questioning her true feelings about everything.

Arie has battled health issues since her childhood, and now she is determined to regain her physical and mental strength. Working with a new horse seems like the perfect solution, but when she confides her deepest secret to a handsome and kindhearted horse trainer—a secret she hasn't revealed to her family or even her two best friends—there are surprising results.

Eden's boyfriend, Tony, is older and has money; he's also jealous and controlling. But she'd much rather stay with him than at home with her unreliable mother. Of course, he can't fill the role her best girlfriends do, and that makes him resentful. As Tony grows more demanding, Eden becomes scared. She must break free from this toxic relationship.

When Ciana finds a new direction for her life—one she'd never dreamed possible—she is able to offer Arie and Eden reprieve from their difficult situations. Together, the three embark on the experience of a lifetime.

The winner this week is Angel G. We hope you enjoy your new book!.


Anonymous said...

This book sounds so interesting, and it also speaks the difference of love that many have between each other. Hope I get this book.:D

Anonymous said...

Aw awesome, thanks!